Four Important Things To Consider When Designing Custom Table Covers

It is crucial to make a lasting first impression when setting up an information booth at a tradeshow or conference event, as it is a great way to generate interest around the various products and services offered by a company. Printed table throws and covers help, as they allow a company to customize their booth and create a reputable image. The problem is that many business owners become overwhelmed when creating them, but the following four tips will help ensure a final product that is a useful marketing tool.

Existing Color Schemes

While it is essential to stand out, the colors used on the tablecloth should follow any color schemes that a company uses on its website and in its marketing materials. Failing to create a streamlined image may complicate the branding process and reduce the brand recognition potential for consumers. A professional designer will have a vast selection of fabrics to choose from, resulting in a streamlined image.

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Include a Logo

The heart and soul of a company’s marketing campaigns is the logo that they assign to their business, and it is crucial to incorporate that into any marketing materials used during large-scale events. Inserting a logo onto a table cover may seem easy, but often it will need to be redesigned and resized for it to print correctly. A professional printing firm will have the skills and software to ease this burden and ensure any printed materials are a positive reflection of a company’s image.


Coordinate Giveaway Products

Many organizations that attend events choose to give away a variety of inexpensive products as a way of getting a company’s information into the hands of consumers. Coordinating these with the other items used in a booth will create a cohesive visual appeal and provide for brand recognition at future events. It is a good idea to show a designer these items before they begin the design process.


Easy to Use

A table cover should be easy to use and designed to last. A quality product is easy to launder and will remain ready for use for years, which makes it a worthwhile investment. Covers fitted with an elastic band will snugly fit on a table and prevent slipping and drooping which may cause a booth to look unkempt and unprofessional.


If a company is looking to make a big impression at an event, they should consider using a custom table cover. The team at Vivid Ads provides design and print services and will help elevate a company to a whole new level of success. Visit their site to learn more and take the first step in making attendance at any event more profitable.

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